Unique, Meaningful and Expressive Coffins

We have included the answers to frequently asked questions here, but if you have any others, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How do I order one?

We would recommend using our Funeral Director partner to purchase your ECOffin as part of your funeral arrangements or plan:

How do I order an ECOffin through my Funeral Director?

Simply contact us with your requirements and their details and we’ll organise it with them. We are happy to supply to any Funeral Director and can deliver quickly.

If your Funeral Director is simply unfamiliar with ECO Coffins, don’t be put off! ECOffins are still relatively new to many funeral directors in Singapore. However they are there to help fulfill your wishes. If that includes an ECOffin then please ask them to contact us and we will arrange everything with them.

I am organising a funeral without a Funeral Director can I order an ECOffin?

Most people find it easier to use a Funeral Director but if you are making the arrangements yourself then we will do all we can to help you.

Are paper coffins only for secular funerals?

No. The idea of green funerals is not that new – and not secular, either. It has a long history. In the Jewish tradition, for example, bodies have to be buried in biodegradable materials so that can people can return from “dust to dust,” in keeping with teachings in the Book of Genesis.

How much is an ECOffin?

Please contact Us for current pricing.

How long does it take for an ECOffin to be delivered?

The standard designs are available within a turnaround of 6 hours. Custom coffins can be delivered within 3 hours to 3 weeks depending on complexity of design.

Someone has died and I don’t know what to do.

If you are recently bereaved and don’t know what to do next, visit: Post Death Matters produced by National Environmental Council.

All funeral directors will typically provide you with a price list and quotation on request. If the funeral director you have chosen is unfamiliar with ECOffins, we would be happy to speak to them, advise them of the costs and arrange your purchase through them. If you need assistance, we can help you find a suitable professional funeral planner to ease your burden.

I’m planning my own funeral, how can I incorporate an ECOffin?

If you have selected the ECOffin you would like you can do any of the following:

If you don’t wish to make a formal funeral plan, simply print out our Instruction Sheet, fill it in and leave it in your wallet, with your papers or with a trusted friend who can act on your wishes in the event of your death.

If you are preparing a funeral plan include these Instructions (PDF) with your funeral plan papers. It is advisable to tell a friend or family member about your wishes. Funeral arrangements are typically made within hours of death. This is often long before the will is found or read. In order to ensure your desires are acted upon, make sure that they are known to those who will carry them out.

Is the ECOffin meant for cremation only?

The ECOffin is versatile and can be used for cremation or traditional burial; when used for burial it will biodegrade much more quickly than a traditional wooden coffin. This is also important in Singapore where limited space may make it necessary to exhume bodies after 15 years.

What is the dimension of the ECOffin?

Typical external dimensions of box with cover is: 2.035m(L) x 0.635m(W) x 0.4m(H).

Typical external dimensions of box is: 2m(L) x 0.6m(W) x 0.375m(H).

The wall thickness is 18mm.

The ECOffin is made of mainly paper. What if the load is more than 150kg?

The standard unit has been tested to carry a 150kg load. The ECOffin can be customised to carry even heavier loads, eg 250kg.

Why is light-weight an important consideration?

At one-third the weight of a conventional coffin, the ECOffin will lead to a significant reduction in manual handling risk for funeral workers and/or disaster relief workers. Furthermore, it facilitates transportation and saves on material and fuel resources.

Is this a made-in-Singapore product?

Yes. The R&D was conducted in Singapore. The product parts are made mainly in Singapore or imported from neighbouring countries and assembled locally.