Unique, Meaningful and Expressive Coffins

Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Relief

With its DIY features, ECOffin is ideal for Pandemic, Disaster and Emergency use. In crisis times, they provide dignity for the dead. Furthermore, as they are energy-efficient in transportation and cremation, they help to manage the threat, arising from decomposing corpses, to public health.

Governments may stock-pile these as they offer ease of handling, storage and logistics in land-scarce cities (a typical 40-footer container can store thrice the usual capacity of pre-assembled wooden coffins and yet with a reduction in total weight).


Bulk flat-packed ECOffins may be used in disaster relief efforts.

  • Identical model for uniformity
  • Ease of assembly on-site (<5 minutes).
  • Can be hermetically sealed
  • Can be refrigerated
  • Predictable cremation time
  • Very compact when unassembled.
  • Facilitates logistics

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